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The Permaculture Solution

The Permaculture Solution

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”
Albert Einstein

Permaculture is a philosophy.

The word comes from ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’ and ‘culture. Developed from observations in nature by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, it was an idea that in order to thrive as a species without causing a deficit or damage to the earth. Nature, through thousands of years of field research, has developed systems, tactics and relationships that allow it to look after itself as a whole. It seems that nature only suffers when humanity moves in, in order to ‘develop’ it into something more suitable and convenient for our current perspective on our habitat needs.

Permaculture is not gardening. It’s how a garden is thoughtfully designed. Permaculture is not building… it is how that building was thoughtfully designed to interact with a thoughtfully designed garden and its inhabitants. Permaculture is everything we are, combined with everything we need, in relation to the things that provide those needs. It allows us to use what we know, discover what we don’t and combine the two to provide for, not only our necessities, but our passions, communities and our Earth as a whole.

Permaculture is honesty. Honesty with what our real needs are. Honesty about how we currently acquire those needs. Honesty about how we need to change our ways of thinking.

It is with the last point that I find myself so moved…

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