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To save the earth: fix zone “one”… start with zone “zero”

To save the earth: fix zone “one”… start with zone “zero”

I have spent the bulk of my life worrying.

Worrying if I am good enough, smart enough, handsome enough, strong enough… enough. I have found that worrying is a result of a weak perspective and ignoring the pull at your heart to pursue the things that you love.

For me, it was with this realization that this journey began. The things I love and for so long had ignored, were given an opportunity to grow.

Inspiration finds you when you let it…

I remember driving to look at a job out of town and listening to a broadcast of “Deconstructing Dinner” when I realized how much I was into agriculture and basically where food comes from. My eyes started to re-open to the things I had become complacent about. I was completely riveted by Jon Steinman, the host of the show that was broadcasting out of Nelson, BC. He was describing the state of food and agriculture as it is now. He shared in depth, the lack of care that the world market system has for the end user. It was like I took the red pill and I was never going to feel the same again.

Food becomes part of us when we take it into our bodies. I began to think about the fact that most of the food I was eating wasn’t specifically intended for my personal consumption. It was produced, modified, processed, and packaged.. shipped halfway across the globe.. to sit on a shelf in the hopes that it would part from me, the money that I earn in a job that does not satisfy the way it should. To almost guarantee that with my failing health from my poor diet, that more of my money would go to pharmaceuticals and our amazing medical system. I feel a rant coming on….

One particular broadcast spoke directly to my heart. “Permaculture at the Blue Raven Farm” had me at the description of what permaculture was. A philosophy of intelligent agriculture, community and urban design that mimics patterns and systems in nature to make humanity resilient and actually beneficial to this beautiful world. Consciously stewarding resources and bringing surplus wherever our feet tread… wherever we call home. I was floored. This was the thought going around in my head that I could not give words to. My heart was lifted and I listened to every single broadcast over the course of that job. I began looking into this permaculture thing and tried to find out if anyone else was into it in Calgary.

My search immediately took me to Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture. I took his permaculture design course in the Spring of 2011 and hit the ground running. I went from thinking permaculture was going to make me better in the garden to realizing it was actually going to make me more effective in life. The principles that we apply in our garden area also applied to communities, government, trade and on and on… creating a resilient culture that starts with us in our immediate sphere of influence. Our ‘zone one’….  but the journey must begin closer than that… zone zero.. our hearts, our minds and our health.

This is where I will help you begin. Then we will move outwards and upwards… together.