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Joshua Baker is permaculture designer that takes resilient landscaping to a whole new level. Drawing from over 13 years of infrastructure experience along with  the application of the permaculture philosophy, Joshua designs and builds beautiful landscapes that are self sufficient and low maintenance, providing food and sanctuary for individuals or communities.

Joshua’s current projects include a 3m x 6m passive solar greenhouse built from salvaged or bartered material on his urban farm in Calgary Alberta. This structure incorporates rainwater harvesting, self-watering beds, automatic environment controls and  possibly the most important facet of this design during an Alberta winter, a hammock.

Also, Joshua has been working on several other gardens in the Millarville area as well as teaching the fundamentals of permaculture to classes in the same area.

Even with the current media induced fear-mongering on issues of food, medicine, energy and the environment, Joshua maintains a refreshingly positive approach to the real needs of real people. Joshua is convinced that our capacity for intelligent design and thoughtfull application of technology and resources can turn the tide on any of the current ‘peak’ issues.

Joshua and his wife April-lee live in southwest Calgary in the community of Evergreen. With April’s talent in the kitchen and their desire to eat clean, healthy and as local as possible, they have spent the last few years transforming their urban lot to produce food and ecosystem, self regulate water and increase soil fertility. April and Joshua also have two boys that inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle and pass on necessary skills such as gardening, preserving food and hunting that have become more uncommon as the age of technology replaces our connection with food and nature with convenience and over-stimulus.

Joshua is moved to not only help create a bountiful future for our children, he sees the potential in repairing the damage caused by the parasitic nature of the ‘system’ as it is today. He feels that we need to decide how we will affect our habitats and our planet instead of just affecting them mindlessly.

“We owe it to future generations to learn from our mistakes and make a change.”

“We can save the earth by taking active responsibility of our immediate spaces. This journey of earth repair starts with our hearts, our perspectives and our involvement in our community. The rest will happen as result.” Joshua Baker